Nov 212015

blue line

I recently got married and joined the community of Law Enforcement Officer(LEO) Wives.  Being the spouse of a cop it’s always easy.  Just knowing that your spouse might not come home is hard enough. Now with the climate of hatred of police it’s even scarier. I’m not going to rant about how people should respect the boys in blue.  I’m going to share the funny side of being around LEOs. You might be a LEO spouse if:

You have more guns in your house than rooms.

You put up laundry and find a gun you didn’t know about.

Having a concealed carry permit is a way of life.

You know their co-workers by name and badge number.

You have 2 police scanners in your house.

You listen to the scanner for fun and not just when your spouse is working.

You hear a taser in the other room and don’t flinch.

Your spouse has offered to pepper spray you to help you get rid of a cold.

You hear the nightly checklist before they leave for work: Gun, Radio, Phone.

The sound of a round being chambered is reassuring.

I’m very proud of my husband and the work he does everyday.  Hopefully before too long I’ll be not only a LEO wife but a LEO myself.