Apr 302018

You might be a Mom if….

You can’t remember the last time to went to the bathroom yourself but you know your baby’s weight, height, last feeding, and dirty diaper.

You can do just about anything with one hand.

You’ve thought a kangaroo pouch would be really handy.

You look forward to a night out without your baby and then 15 minutes later you miss you baby and want to go home.

You feel guilty leaving your baby at home with Dad, even though he’s a good parent.

You make up songs about toots, baths, eating, burping, changing a diaper, wearing clothes, life in general.

You’ve said “Are you pooping?”

You’ve thought a kangaroo pouch would be really handy.

You’ve sniffed a diaper to decide whether there is poop inside.

You sing just about everything to your baby to make/keep them happy.

You’ve cried holding your baby because they are just so cute and precious.

You’re idea of making dinner is getting the box of cereal out the cabinet.

You’ve lost weight because you haven’t sat down to eat a full meal in a long time.

Sleep is something you day dream about.