Feb 052012

For the record I know I’m a terrible person.  I don’t agree with the saying, if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all.  I usually don’t have anything nice to say.   I will usually say the things that people are thinking but are too scared or ashamed to say. This being said, if you continue to read you might regret it.   But I would be willing to bet most people have thought the same things before.

I was at the gym the other day and I was doing what I usually do.  Work out you might think.  Looking at all the people who are worse off than me and being grateful I’m ‘not that fat”.  I know it terrible but I look around the gym and think, “how could you let yourself get that way.”  I should be thinking how it’s good that their working out to try to better themselves and lose some weight but I’m not.  I was watching these ladies do some crunches and all that kept popping into my mind was Damon Wayans character from Major Payne  saying, ” One tubby tubby, two tubby tubby.”    Then when I’m on the elliptical I see some other ladies tried to do something I saw on The Biggest Loser earlier in the week.  On the show Bob was having his team do what he calls showing carts.  In a “shopping cart” you use a treadmill that is turned off and have to manually move it.  From the way to looked on tv it seemed hard but I would probably never actually try it.  So I look over in front of me and see these ladies trying to do it.  I think I may have actually laughed out loud.  It was one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen.   I’m surprised the one lady didn’t poop her pants.  Her face was so red and the amount of effort she was using was crazy.   I wanted to walk over and say, ” I know this gay guy kinda reminds you of Bob Harper but he’s not.  And you’re on a tv show.  Please stop before you hurt yourself.”  I didn’t though instead I just chuckled to myself about how ridiculous they were. 

I guess I should also add that I also judge and make fun of the super fit or in shape people too.   So the gym was packed and you couldn’t get from one thing to another. People standing around waiting on machines everywhere.  I see “super woman” as I like to call her pacing around pissed off.  She walked over to the guy on the machine next to me and starting complaining about how she couldn’t get on anything she wanted to use.  She just couldn’t believe that other people wanted to work out too.  How dare us, mire mortals be using “her” equipment?  As she was walking away pissed off she took a moment to looked at me in disgust.  It didn’t bother me because I already knew  I looked like a sweaty cracked out hooker.

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