Apr 292016


With summer just around the corner and I’m trying to get my “beach body” ready. This year I set a goal of running 5 races and a half marathon.  I’m doing good so far with 3 under my belt already and a race set for May. I’m really working on losing weight and get into shape.  I’m never going to be a tiny skinny girl, my body just isn’t that way.  I have big legs and that isn’t going to change.   I can work at trimming down and toning.  My friend Erin told me I should try hot yoga because she loves it.  I enjoy running and usually at least do a mile or so.  I was skeptical about it and worried how I’d do in class.  I still agreed I’d try it out.   I’ve heard horror stories about hot yoga.  I could picture myself drenched in sweat and laying there like a beached whale.   I did a year in Iraq so I figured hot yoga would be fine.

My first class was 65 minutes long class and wasn’t too hard to keep up.  I watched other people and Erin to see what I was supposed to be doing.  They told me that the goal for your first class is to stay in the room the entire class.  I was able to do that.  A few days after my first class my sister Mary asked if I wanted to go to class with her.   I’d already worked out with weights and cardio for 2 hours. I thought no worries I’ll be fine.  I was not fine.  I repeat, I was not fine! Rule #1 of Hot Yoga is to know how long your class is. Mary and I went to 6:15 class and it was packed. We almost didn’t have enough room for everyone. Little did we know the class was actually an hour and a half long.  I kept looking at my watch thinking is this class ever going to end? It finally did and I peeled myself off the floor and filled my water bottle back up.  Rule #2 if you’re going to run and do hot yoga in the same day, run after yoga.  I’ve made myself kinda miserable because I pushed too hard.

I go to classes at Yoga 101.  They told me about a challenge that would be starting in April.  The challenge is to do 40 classes in 60 days.  After the 90 minutes class trauma I took a few days off from class.  I’m not doing too bad right now.  I have learned some things since beginning hot yoga; 1. Drink water all the time.  I usually drink a good amount of water but I’d increased my water intake a lot because of yoga.  2. Bring a big bottle of water with you.  The average 16.9 bottle of water that you usually grab it’s enough for the entire class.  I’ve been filling my camel-back bottle that’s 32oz and drink all of it or close every class. 3. Bring a towel for your mat and one to wipe yourself off with.  If I don’t dry myself off multiple time during class I can’t do some of the poses because my legs become slippery noodles. 4. Let your guard down.  The instructors all say to only do what your body can do right now.  I’m very competitive and I’m trying to not get down on myself because I can’t do something.  5. Child’s pose is your friend.  6.  You will get better faster than you think.  Today I completed my 6th class in a row.  I can tell a difference already in my flexibility and balance.

I wasn’t sure if hot yoga was going to become part of my workout routine in the beginning.  I’m hooked now though.  I’m still working out some kinks like how much water I really need to drink or with eating before or after classes. I’m still trying to balance running and yoga.  It’s going to be interesting to see how things go this summer.