May 152014

greenbeanWhen I was deployed to Iraq they had these coffee shops called Green Beans. One day a buddy and I went over to see if we could get a smoothie to try to help us cool down. We found the best smoothie I have ever had, Green Beans wildberry smoothie. It went down so smooth and cool me off for a bit. We went back later that week and had another. After a few weeks so or we went back to get another wildberry smoothie. I was so sad to find out they didn’t have the mix. By this time I had become used to not have many things. I was still hopefully to have this sweet treat. Every so often my buddy and I would stop in and ask if they had it. For the rest of my deployment I didn’t get anymore wildberry smoothies. I’d given up hope.

dbIt wasn’t until a few months ago that I found another wildberry smoothie that has come close to Green Beans. Donut Bank has a very good wildberry smoothie. Looking back I don’t know that Green Beans smoothie was really that good but in that moment it gave me relief. Being in 140 degrees plus weather daily takes its toll on you after a while. The search for another wildberry smoothie was something to take my mind off the daily trials of being in Iraq. My buddy and I would make up conspiracy theories on what happen to the magical wildberry smoothie. For example, the workers were secretly keeping it for themselves, the Air Force was drinking it all up because they didn’t do any real work, or because of the sand storm they had just not taken the load. It was something so small and silly but it helped keep us entertained. Today I enjoyed a wildberry smoothie with a cool breeze on my face and realized how luck I am to be home safe.