Apr 242014

seahorseThe little things really can make your day. The internet is full of silly and often childish things. I enjoy pet pictures and videos. The picture to me is a good example of the silly but funny. I found a video of a bulldog puppy wearing a sweatshirt rolling down a hill. Each time I see it I laugh. I hope you enjoy it.

Apr 172014


I was looking for a check out at Target and I saw this lovely creature. I’m going to say her name is Barbara Gene (she totally looks the part right?). Barbara Gene’s hair makes me smile every time I look at it. I’ve said before I’m a big fan of mullets and always look out of a good one. Okay who am I kidding, there is no such thing as a bad mullet. I’m going to now be on the look out for giant 80’s poof hair. Barbara Gene rocked her hair style with such confidence I seriously thought of going for the look myself. In the end I decided to against it because I knew I couldn’t complete.  In her honor I’m going to have to dig out an old picture of my Mom because her hair was a thing of beauty.

Thank you Barbara Gene for brightening my day!

Apr 102014

better selfThe world we live in is often filled with bad things and bad people.  What I think people forget is that we can choose to look of the good.  That doesn’t mean being naïve and clueless but letting the light shine instead of the darkness.  With that thought in mind I’m starting Thursday Thoughts.  My hope is that by sharing my positive thoughts and experiences people will see the greatest around them. 

 I was watching tv and I heard this quote:  Everyday is a gift, that’s why it’s called the Present.  That is so simple but so true.  It’s the small things.  Today I woke up on time and wasn’t tired when I got up. That is a great victory for me.  My dogs greeted me as they often do, with pure joy and love.  I can’t explain how great it is have a dog that shows you unconditional love. I’m lucky enough to have 2, Indy and Piper can always cheer me up.

 My job is another great blessing in my life.  I’m fortunate enough to work for/with my family.  We distribute snack foods and bakery products.   The product that is out dated or short dated we try to call around to shelters and donate as much of it as we can.  One of the ladies that came to get stuff kept thanking me.  She said something that really hit home, “This is so great, God bless you.  You will be rewarded because of this.”  The act itself is the reward.