Mar 192014

lego 28My boyfriend is an avid Lego collector.  I decided this year for his birthday I’d make him a Lego cake.  I goggled how to make a Lego cake.  I watched a few videos and decided to go with Betty Crocker’s design.  Betty Crocker for what I’m assuming is copyright reasons called it a building block cake. 

The recipe said to use Betty Crocker Super Moist yellow cake because is holds up better than chocolate cake.  I actually wanted to use a chocolate cake because the icing was vanilla so you can color it.  I made a yellow and a chocolate cake in case one didn’t turn out.  I baked both cakes and let them set over night to cool.  The next morning I flipped the cakes.  I was really glad I had a back up because the yellow cake crumbled when I flipped it out of the pan.  The chocolate cake stayed together nicely.  I put the cakes in the freezer to let them harden up before I decorated them. 

chocolate cutyellowicing     While the cakes were getting cool I colored the icing.  I again varied from the recipe and use regular food coloring and not gel food colors.  The store I went to buy the ingredients didn’t have the right colors for I used what I had at home.  I think the colors turned out fine.  I made red, yellow, blue and a tiny bit of green.  I cut the cake into three even sections and then the last section into 2 squares.  I iced the first section with yellow.  Betty Crocker calls this the crumb layer, just a base coat. I did the best I could not to have tons of chocolate crumbs showing.  As you can imagine yellow icing and chocolate cake don’t want look so great.  Then I put it in the freezer to get hard.  I repeated with the other pieces.  I ran into problems with the pieces I’d cut multiple times.  They really started to crumble when I put icing on them.  I put the second layer on the yellow and was pretty pleased with way it looked.  Again, I put them back in the freezer before I applied the marshmallows. 

lego extraplayed with                       To make the top of the cake I used marshmallows cut in half.  I had read that you could microwave the icing when a few seconds and it would make icing the marshmallows easier.  I did it for 10 seconds and that was too much.  It was really liquid so I added a little of the extra white icing I had left.  I used a fork to swirl the marshmallows in the icing under covered.  I then used a knife to slide them onto the cake.  I repeated until all were covered. 

In the end the piece I cut into squares looked pretty bad so I called to the “playing with piece”.  It was my boyfriend’s 28th birthday so I use a small piece of the white cake to make a 2 dot piece and the yellow 8 dot piece.  He’s a leprechaun and has a St. Patrick’s Day birthday so I used the green and yellow pieces. 

Here are some tips for anyone wanting to try the Lego cake out too. 

  1. Buy extra icing.  I used every bit of the 2 containers.  I wished I’d had extra icing to use.
  2. I put the cake in the freezer for about 10-15 in between icing layers.  I think giving it more time probably would have helped. 
  3. Make the extra cake just in case.  If both turn out you can always send the extra home with your party guests. 
  4. Have fun with it, after all you’re doing out of love for someone.