Feb 282014

road-rage_o_2700153I’ve stated before that bad driver’s (dumb people) really bother me.  I guess you could say I have road rage.  I’ve noticed on almost a daily basis I say the following things:

  1. You’re not invincible!  – Generally at a pedestrian. 
  2. Drive your car.
  3. This is MY lane!
  4. Pedal on the right. 
  5. Nice turn signal. – Usually followed by a tap of my horn.
  6. Where are you from?  Go back home!
  7. Get out of my way!
  8. Seriously #@$% – Throwing my hands in the air.
  9. You’re killing me.
  10. Don’t mind me.
  11. Green Light! GO!
  12. How many lanes do you need?

 This is just the ones I can think of off-hand.  I don’t consider myself an aggressive driver, just not crazy.  My boyfriend works 3rd shift when there aren’t too many drivers out.  So when we go out to dinner around 5 o’clock and there are tons of cars out he flips out.   “What are all these people doing?  I guess the economy must be Booming!” Probably my favorite is when my niece and nephew yell from the back seat driving your car or you’re gonna killing somebody!  You’re gonna kill somebody isn’t my fault though, that the thing gem is my sister’s.  My sister also made up a song to the tunes of the Indiana Jones theme song called, Get out of my way, hurry up! The road rage is genetic isn’t not my fault.