Oct 172013

testI was at the Dollar Tree picking up some extra strength Tylenol when I happened upon the New Choice At Home Marijuana Test.  I had to do a double take because I thought for sure I wasn’t seeing this.  It’s true you can go to your local dollar store and get a urine test for marijuana. New Choice even has a website.  On the site they boast it’s 99% accurate and the package itself says 98% accurate.  Can you say Sold?  I mean if you can buy it in a store it must work, right? I’m so glad we have these out there for people to use.  Who doesn’t want the pot heads to be able to pass a test to get a job or stay out of jail and then continue to smoke pot? 

This is not my first run in with people trying to pass test screens.  When I was in the Army we would have random drug tests a few times a year.   The information wasn’t supposed to be leaked out but it usually would.   People would start nervously thinking about what to do.  I heard lots of different things that were supposed to make to pass the drug test and not as we lovingly called it, “Pop Hot.” For example, there’s drink or pills you can buy online, niacin pills, taking cold medicine, or eating poppy-seed muffins.  The other favorite was drinking an unGodly amount of water to flush your system.  It was always entertaining on the day of the test to see people sweating hoping they would pass.  You could always tell who had used the internet magic drink because their pee would look radioactive yellow.   I don’t remember many people not passing their tests.  If I had to guess I would say it wasn’t that the crazy tactics had worked it is the “random” part of the testing.

Oct 092013

signstep The StepNpull is a great product I just discovered.  With the slide of your foot the door is easily opened.  The StepNPull is designed to keep you from having to touch dirty restroom doors with your hands.  It’s so simple I’m not sure why this wasn’t created a long time ago. 

stepnpullThe StepNpull is an aluminum piece that is screwed into the bottom of the door.  It is available in silver, gold, and copper finishes.   It has a rubber bumper and grooved part to max the gripping potential.   You put your foot on the piece and pull the door open with your foot.  This easy act keeps you from getting germs on your freshly washed hands.  This little gem is only $29.95.  I encourage everyone to ask their employers to think about getting these installed.  Think of how much more productive your company can be with fewer people out sick this cold and flu season.   For more information check out www.stepnpull.com.