May 172013

tronNeed some extra cash? Have old electronics collecting dust at your house? You’re in luck because can help you with both.

A few months ago I upgraded my iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5.  The iPhone 4 had worked well for me for about 2 years or so.  I was at my wit’s end with my home button not working properly.  Hitting the home button 8-10 times for it to work got old fast.  I felt the pain of spending the money for the new phone after though.  I decided I’d look around and see if I could get some money for my old phone.  I searched online for a place that would give me some money back for my phone.   I found pretty easily. 

The way the site works is very easy.  Step 1. Find you item, and get a quote.  It asks you what condition your phone is in; new, working, or broken. Step 2. Create an account by entering your email.  Step 3. Choose payment method; check or PayPal. Step 4.Choose shipping options; print address label or send me a box. Step 5. Confirm order information.  Step 6. Sit back and wait for your money. lets you know up front that the amount you are given is strictly a quote. Once they receive your item and the quote may change based on condition your phone is in when it is received.  I chose working for my phone and received a fairly high quote.  I wasn’t sure what was considered in the difference between working and broken.  They deemed my phone as broken because the home button didn’t work properly.  They gave me a new quote.  I was then given the choices of accepting the new quote or having my phone returned to me.  I wasn’t surprised by getting a lower quote I knew the home button was broken.  I decided to accept the quote and get what money out of it I could.

 Now you might be thinking what if this is a scam.  Trust me I thought about that too.  The way I looked at it was I can let the phone sit around my house or sending it off hoping to get money back.  The company didn’t ask for anymore information than my name and address.  I didn’t pay for shipping.  I figured that if they got my phone and didn’t send my money I wouldn’t really be out anything.  In the end I received a check for $61.  It might not seem like much but it was definitely worth it to me.  I feel like I ended up with a pretty good deal.  I used a phone for over 2 years and then got a little money back for it.  That’s good enough for me.

May 032013

chairI’ve mentioned before that I work for a snack food distributor.  We recently jumped on the energy drink band wagon.  We are now going to be distributing Xyience, N.O. Xplode, Calypso, Marley-One Drop, Tradewinds Tea, Modjo, and Hubert’s Lemonade.  Each brand has four or five flavors or so.  We’ve sold drinks before but never on this level.  I’m finding out that “drink people” are much different then “chip/snack people.”  It’s an adjustment and I’m trying to be patient but my point of contact at the beverage company is making it difficult.  The following are some of the correspondence between us.  In the interest of our working relationship I’ll leave the person’s name out.  I’ll call her Lu Lu. 

Lu Lu,

I am putting the product into our system that we receive yesterday. I do not have the UPC’s for the Hubert’s Cherry Lime, Lemonade, Raspberry, and Strawberry 4pks. On the invoice it listed as the same number as the individual bottles. They aren’t sold individually so I need those UPC’s.
Thanks, Sarah


I am baffled! I am going to look into this tomorrow, but… brain is fried
at the moment, and I am unable to give you an answer! I will get back to you first thing!
Thanks, Lu Lu

 Response the next morning:

Wow, I really had a “blonde” moment, cuz I sure did NOT see a upc on the 4packs last night…but, they are there!

 I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best at spelling.  I hate to proofread, I’m sure you’ve realized this by reading my blog. My boyfriend gives me a hard time about it after each post.  I keep trying to explain to him that it just means I’m a “real” writer because I don’t like to proofread my own work.  I’ve tried to get him to be my editor but no luck so far.  Now that being said when I’m at work I do my best to send out correct emails. “Lu Lu” is really testing me though.  I can forgive the blonde moment comment but the use of “cuz” sent me over the edge.  Really?!?!  I guess I’m your BFF now and we use text/slang in our business emails.  I’m sorry “friend” but this girl won’t be doing that.