Apr 292013


Spoiler Alert!  I’m going to give away the end to this movie.

  I’m a frequent user of Redbox.  $1.27 for a one night rental is right up my alley.  I signed up the mailing list and I receive emails and text with rental discounts weekly.  Over the weekend I had a $.50 off and so I went to the closest Redbox.  The selection at this location I was at wasn’t great but I figured I could find a movie worth $.75.  I selected Safety Not Guaranteed.  The movie summary reads; Darius, a young magazine intern, is recruited to help a staff writer, Jeff, with a story about a bizarre young man who has advertised for a time-traveling partner. She, Jeff, and fellow intern, Arnau, travel to a small town to get information on the paranoid but strangely compelling young man. But Darius feels torn, underhanded and disloyal when she begins to have genuine feelings for her subject, who is clearly smitten by her as well.

 The movie stars Aubrey Plaza (Parks & Recreation) as Darius, Jake Johnson (New Girl) as Jeff, and Mark Duplass (The League) as Kenneth.  I’m a big fan of Parks and Recreation and AubreyPlaza’s weird style of acting.  I thought it should be ok.  I wasn’t expecting anything great.  The movie kept me semi interested through out.  It’s your basic girl falls for guy movie with a science fiction mixed in.  I’m not a fan of science fiction myself but I thought I’d give it a try.  I wish I hadn’t.  The general over view is Kenneth is looking for a partner to time travel with.  Darius is acting as though she believes Kenneth can actually time travel to get information for a magazine article.  After spending time with Kenneth Darius falls for him, even though she thinks he’s a little crazy.  In the end of the movie Darius gets in the boat/time machine with Kenneth.  The time machine is turned on and they are covered by a static bubble. Poof they’re gone!  The time machine works.  I was not excepting in the end of the movie for it to actually work. The way I read the movie was Darius would love Kenneth even though he’s nuts. Throughout the whole movie everyone thought he was crazy and didn’t believe in his time machine.  Nope, they time travel together. When it was over I was pretty disappointed.  That’s $.75 I’ll never get back.   

Apr 252013

It’s an epidemic! I don’t see dead people, I see stick people, everywhere!  I’ve come up with a nice acronym for this occurrence, S.P.R.E.A.D.  Stick People Rarely Ever Avoided Daily. Stick figure families and pets have taken over.  I’m not really sure why people like putting these silly things on their vehicles.  I’ve been taking pictures of these stupid things as much as possible for months.  My boyfriend has been hounding me about getting the post together. I’ve uploaded the pictures and sorted them.  This is the first installment in the series of stick figure posts.  If you have some good pictures of your own feel free to email me at quirkster33@yahoo.com, I’ll feature them in the series.  Without further a-do.

blessedblessed 2blessed 3

Blessed Families

mickey fammickey

Mickey Mouse

minus dadbreakup

Broken Homes


Apr 122013

Finding the right puppy is hard to do.  I’ve spent months looking for one.  I spent a day last weekend going place to place because I thought this lab puppy was “the one.”  The shelter that had this little guy was not very nice to me when I inquired about him.  I put in an application and the woman told me I would be ranked.  The woman informed me that since I do not have a fenced in yard would count against me.  I also didn’t have any other pets, once again a negative as well.  I wanted to get smart with the lady and tell her that I didn’t have a pet because of puppy Nazis like you.  I decided to take the high road, smiled and walked away.  After seeing the cute little puppy and holding him, leaving without him had me really bummed.  I got to smell his puppy breathe which is oddly nice.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about I feel sorry for you.  It is definitely one of the best things about a puppy. shelter

 I dusted myself off and kept looking around at shelters and online.   Most online ads or shelter sites have pictures of the animals.  The picture is what got me the first time so I decided to keep an open mind and consider some without a picture.  I was looking through the Vanderburgh Humane Society page and I saw a promising puppy.  He was listed as a 2 months old shepherd mix.  I emailed the point of contact my adopt application and told her I was interested in Dutch.   I asked if they anymore information and when visiting hours were.  I received a quick response and said they aren’t sure of his breed and would put a hold on him for the day.  I went over to the shelter after work to check him out.  I saw this sweet little boy in the cage and just knew he should be mine.  I played with him for awhile and then decided he was the one.  He was so sweet giving kisses and cuddling up with me.  I told the staff I wanted to adopt him.  They told he had to be neutered before he could go home.  I was kind of weary of him getting fixed so young.  They explained that their vet said he is old enough and it’s their policy for all animals to be spayed or neutered before leaving.  With all the animals in shelters I can understand that policy. 

 Indy1I got to take my little guy home yesterday.  I had already decided on his name, Indy. It’s Indy as in the Indianapolis Colts.  My boyfriend joked I should get him a whip and cool hat.  It took me a minute to realize he was talking about Indiana Jones.  Indy was very excited to be home.  We played for 2 hours before he finally tired out.  He cuddled up with me and took a nap. 

sleep1I’m crate training Indy and he did very well his first night.  He didn’t cry for very long when I put him in for the night.  He woke me up once in the middle of the night because he needing to go out.  I found out that Indy did pick a skill while he was in jail (shelter). He can steal your diamond ear ring.  You think he is just being cute and nibbling your ears and bam your ear ring is in his mouth.  Luckily was able to get it out before he could swallow it.  Indy is going to be a great dog, we’ll just have to put his life of crime in the past.

Apr 052013

Clash1Clash of Clans is my latest obsession. I blame my boyfriend who introduced me to it and Supercell for creating a highly additive game.   Clash of Clans is rated second in the Top Grossing apps.  It’s a free app so it’s easy to download and burn time.  The game is a combat and strategy game.  You begin the game with a level 1 town hall, gold storage, and elixir storage.  You also have 1 barracks, 1 Army camp, 2 builders, 2 elixir mines, 2 gold mines, 2 cannons, and a few other things.  You begin the game with a 3 day defensive shield.  As long as you don’t attack anyone in the multiplayer game it will stay with you.  The shield gives you time to upgrade your buildings and storage.  The currency is gold, elixir, and gems.  The gold is used to buy defenses and resources.  The elixir is used you buy army resources and create troops.  The gems can buy shields.

 collectThe troops are barbarian, archer, goblin, giant, wall breaker, balloon, wizard, healer, dragon, and P.E.K.K.A.  Each troop has different strengths and specialties. You acquire each as you upgrade your barracks.  As you continue to upgrade you town hall you gain more buildings, defenses, and accessories. 


Once you’ve got your village started you will repair your ClanCastle.  Once repaired you are able to join a clan.  Joining a clan allows you to send and receive troops from other clan members.  You are also about to chat with the players.  You can track your stats as well as your clan members. 


I’m currently on level 15 and I’m working on upgrading my village.  With each upgrade the longer it will take upgrade to the next level.  Some upgrades can take days.  If you’re impatient like me you can use gems to speed up the process.  I would suggest keeping your gems and being patient.  I wish I had done that in the beginning.  If you’re a high roller you are able to purchase gems through the app store.   I hope you’re not though so I can find you and pillage your village.  Good Luck!