Jan 252013

trash canOver the years I haven’t been very nice to Mother Earth.  I’m drive a gas guzzling SUV, I don’t like re-useable grocery bags, and I don’t mind my fruits and vegetables being grown in pesticides.  It is America and it’s my ‘right’, right?  I can throw everything away and let it rot in a landfill.  Cut the plastic rims 6 packs on in?  Nope, the duck should know better.  Consume and consume all the resources and let the others generations worry about it.  Ok, maybe that is a bit extreme but I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this.

Up until a year ago I didn’t recycle anything.  It wasn’t that I didn’t care about the environment but I didn’t think my little part could make a difference.  After some persuading by my boyfriend I decided to should give it a try.  I started with plastic water bottles.  I drink an ungodly amount of bottled water.   My boyfriend was a little shocked at first seeing the volume of bottles I went through.  He suggested that I get a reusable bottle and a filter.  I scoffed at him.  I don’t react to change very well.  I already had the bulky recycling bin in my kitchen, I wasn’t about to give up my bottles too. I like the convenience of a bottle of water.  I don’t have to worry about if it’s cold or going to leak. Baby steps.  Long story short I now recycle most everything.  I really don’t like recycling can foods though.  I had a bad experience with a fork and a mandarin orange can.

I’m lucky enough to live in the great city of Evansville, Indiana. The city of Evansville Water and Sewer Utility has implemented a new program for trash and recycling pick up.  They have started the distribution of new trash cans and recycling bins.  From what I can tell they are nice 96 gallon carts.  The recycling carts have green lids.  I mean who doesn’t like a trash can with rollers?  The trash pick up days have changed schedules but the city website has an answer for that.

 The following is an easy guide of how to look up your trash and recycling pick up schedule.  Start by going to www.evansville.in.gov, click on the Government scroll down.  Scroll to Departments T-Z, Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities.  On the left side of screen, click Trash and Recycling.  This will bring up all the options you will need: new container carts system, residential trash, recycling, leaves collection, heavy trash, and pick up dates.  You can go where ever from here. I wanted to see the pick schedules and recycling schedules.  If you click trash and recycling it will give you give link to everything you will need. You can even put in your address and get specific information on your house.  As well as a printable recycling calendar.   

I think Evansville made a great choice in going to this system.  You can put all of your recycling in one bind and they will sort it.  People of Evansville you have no excuse not to recycle.   Let’s all do our little part. 

 Side Note: I know there are lots of links.  Hopefully it makes it easier and not worse.

Jan 112013

coupleMy wonderful boyfriend renewed Quirkster33!!!  I have promised to actually post the ideas that I’ve been talking about for awhile now.  I know a lot of people at the beginning of the year make a resolution.  I’ve really been the type to do that.  I guess in some manner I do though.  I usually think of the last year about what I should’ve, would’ve, and could’ve done.   2012 wasn’t a terrible year but there are some things I’ve like to move on from.  I’m not saying I’m forgetting or acting as though I didn’t experience it.  I’m just choosing to let it stay in the past and not bother me anymore.   This year I’m going to try to be more positive.  If you’ve read some of my early posts I had more mean or bad things to say.  Funny Friday was a move in the right direction.  I know I haven’t kept up with it lately, sorry.    In the past few months I have learned a lot about myself.  I’m trying to become more self aware.   Something I’ve learned about myself is I don’t give myself enough credit.  I’ve been dwelling on the negative.  I wasn’t seeing what the people that care about me see.   Hi, my name is Sarah and I’m self deprecating.   There it is.  I’m working on finding a happy medium.  As corny as it sounds 2013 is a fresh start.  I’m going to try to really live and not just go through the motions.  Happiness is just around the bend.  I’m hopeful for my future.    

Side Note:  The picture is of an old couple I saw walking in the mall together.  They are holding hands and the man is carrying his wife’s purse.  It was so cute I had to take a picture.  This is what love looks like.