Mar 282012


When I was a kid my brother Ben and I would play a game called ‘Biggest Chip in the World.’   We came up with the game while eating our lunch at home one summer day.  The game is very simple you dig into the bag of chips and pull out a chip and holding it high declare it to be the biggest chip in the world.  After a few exchanges of this we decided to mix the game up and had an extra element, you had to be upside down with your leg over the bench(the table had a bench on each side) and blindly draw a chip.   This game would entertain us for a little while and then it would generally take a turn for the worse. I’m a very competitive person and  like any game I want to win.  I think some of my competitiveness comes from being the youngest child and wanting to prove myself to my siblings.  I think part of it is genetic though.  I remember once being at one of my nephew’s tee ball games and my Grandpa leaning over saying, “Man these kids aren’t very good.”  I laughed to myself and nodded because he was right.  I just didn’t want to say it out loud though.   I guess it’s kind of sick to nitpick little kids in a league that they don’t even keep score.   Regardless my brother would get tired of me winning and would generally revert to cheating.  I’d have my chip in the process of holding it up when he would slap my hand causing me to drop the chip or hit the chip breaking it making it no longer the ‘Biggest Chip in the World.’

For years I waited for the chance to take the ‘Biggest Chip in the World’ crown back.  One day I was at work when a man walked in the door with his “art” as he called it.  It was a giant potato chip.  I work for a snack food distributor and he thought we might be interested in buying it from him.  I explained to him that I wasn’t the person who made those types of decisions but I would give his information to the right person.  The man gave me his information and said that we would leave the chip so the person in charge could see it.  I agreed to let me leave it and knew that victory was almost mine.  I read over the man’s business card and saw that he wanted somewhere around $500 for his “artwork.”  I couldn’t believe but I guess maybe I don’t know art.   I sat in wait for my step-dad to come back to the office so he could see the chip in all it’s glory.  I waited for it to catch his attention and then we both had a good laugh about it.  I took a picture and text it to my family with the caption, “This is what happens when you leave me in the office alone.”  Biggest Chip in the World was finally mine.  


Mar 272012


There are way too many addictive games out for the iPhone.  My newest obsession is Angry Birds Space.  I have all four versions of Angry Birds now.  They are Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, and Angry Birds Space.  My boyfriend has helped feed my addiction by sending me the apps as gifts.   Until a few months ago I would play the games until I had beaten all the levels and would wait for the game to update.  Let me tell you this is no small task.  I can’t tell you how many days I charged my phone mid-day to keep power so I could play.  It is kind of sad now that I think about.

The original Angry Birds was a great idea.  It is a game that doesn’t take long to learn how to play and once you start you usually play for at least 30 minutes without even knowing it.  You want to get to the next level.  It is entertaining to launch the birds into the air at the pigs.  In each screen you have to knock over the pigs or hit the pigs to complete the level.  You have a variety of bird to use.  Each bird does something different.  You have a red bird that just goes straight.  A blue bird breaks into three smaller birds that is use for ice blocks.  The yellow bird can go faster and harder at an angle that is used for wooden blocks.  There is black bomb bird that explodes when you choose.  The white bird drops eggs that explode when it lands.  This game would set the stage for the other versions. 

I enjoyed playing Angry Birds Seasons which released a new level themed for holidays and seasons.  It was a nice variety from the original.  It didn’t take me long before I had beaten the game and was waiting for update.  This was followed up by Angry Birds Rio based off of the movie Rio. The idea in Rio is to release the birds from the cages instead of hitting pigs.   Rio is so far my least favorite.  It wasn’t very difficult and I became bored with it pretty quickly. 

Yesterday my boyfriend sent me Angry Birds Space.  It ismy favorite out of all the versions now.  It’s set in space and so it presents a new challenge of gravity.  You have to see what direction the gravity is pushing or pulling and adjust your route based on it.  The birds look a little different and they have introduced new birds into the game.  I’m on the second level so far and I think it will continue to take up more time then it should.   Play at your own risk. 

Mar 262012

This weekend while shopping at Schnucks my friend told me that I should get Schnupon.   At first I thought it might be some kind of insult I haven’t heard of but she explained it to me.  Schnupon is program that Schnucks has where they send a text message with a coupon everyday.  She told me that it was easy to sign up for, all I had to do was text the word Schnucks to 223344.   They send you a text with the coupon and when you check out you just show your cashier the text. I signed up and today received my first Schupon.  I couldn’t be more exited to get more Schupons in the future. 

Mar 222012


March Madness is in full swing right now.  It seems like you can’t go anywhere without seeing a basketball on TV or hear people talking about.  The big news in Southern Indiana right now is the IU vs. KY game tomorrow.  Earlier this season IU beat UK with a last second shot.  IU is having a pretty good season which is nice for a change and IU fans have gotten their swagger back.  I’m not really into basketball but I do live in Indiana so it’s kind of a given that you play or have played.  When I was a kid every year my basketball team would get together and watch Hoosiers.  I’m not a super fan about IU like I am about the Colts but I do want them to win.  The only thing I like about UK is that blue and white team colors.  I know for sure that I don’t like Purdue.  Black and gold yuck no way, they stink, PU. (Me holding my nose)


Mar 212012

Free samples are one of my favorite things.  Who doesn’t like free stuff? I came home on lunch to find that my samples from Proctor & Gamble had arrived.  I was bored one day and decided to see what free stuff and coupons I could get.  Today I receive toothpaste, mouth wash, laundry soap, and dish soap.  The other day I got some free Softlips chap-stick that I sent out for not knowing that the flavor would be. It wasn’t something that I liked so I gave to my niece.  It was a win-win, I got to be the cool aunt that brings stuff and Colleen got to have minty fresh lips.

My love for free samples as a kid got me into trouble though.  One day my friend and I decided to call 1-800 numbers to get free samples.  I called probably 30 or more numbers getting whatever I could.  I didn’t think it was a big deal because it was free.  When my samples began to come in my Mom did not see it that way.  She did not think filling the mailbox with her 10 year olds free samples was good at all.  I got a lecture on moderation.  She told me that a few free samples would have been ok.  She said that when you are receiving something everyday for two weeks or more was not.  I thought it was cool to have mail with my name on it.  Now when I see an empty mailbox I’m excited. 

After I’d gotten all of the great phone experience calling for my samples I was more than willing to do prank phone calls with my brothers.  One day my brothers and I planned it out so that we would all be ‘sick’ on the same day.  We would have to stay home from school and it would be a great time to call people.  At the time the Big Foot Pizza was out and we called in tons of pizzas delivered to random addresses in the phonebook.  We called and asked a garage company if they would build a garage in the middle of Highway 66.  One of my favorites was the “Are you my mom?” call.  People seemed genuinely concerned that I didn’t know who my Mom was. (We were sick I know.) I would say that the all time best calls were “Kyle’s Candy Service.”  Me-“Kyle’s Candy Service would you like to buy some candy?” They would either say no or ask questions.  “What kind do you have?”  It was then that we knew we had them and had prepared the perfect response.  “We have caramel crunch, peanut crunch, fruit crunch, poop crunch, and pecan crunch.”  At this point they would usually hang up on us and we would die laughing.  Sometimes you would get the caller that would ask for the list to be repeated.  This was very difficult because you had just said poop crunch and were ready to bust out laughing.  Sometime I was able to keep it together long enough to repeat the list as before.  One guy asked, what I recommended.  I replied poop crunch and hung up the phone.  It was one of the days my brothers and I worked together and played nicely.  We had bonded through our bad behavior and promised each other not to tell our Mom.  Many years later when we were all adults we told her about it.  My Mom was shocked that we had done it but it see the humor in it.  She would later find out that wasn’t the worst thing we did by far.

Mar 202012

I’m not the biggest fan of home improvement stores but a trip to Rural King yesterday may have shifted the balances.  I went to Rural King with my boyfriend to look at gardening supplies.  We made our way around the store checking out all of the things they have to offer.  I walk around a corner to hear lots of little cheeps coming from the aisle in front of me.  They have bins with chicks in them.  I couldn’t help but smile as a watched the little ones hop around with each other.  Some of the chicks seem to have a bigger plan to escape and others were calmly cuddling up with each other.  I was in chick heaven.  They are so cute.  It only you were allowed to touch them.  I bent over the bin to get a closer look and just watched them dance around.  If I had my way I would buy 20 of them and dance around in the field with them.  I’m sure they aren’t as cuddly I they look but I’m going to pretend they don’t go to the bathroom or make messes.  My chicks and I could live in perfect harmony. 

Then I realized there might be a problem with my idea. I noticed that the chicks were segregated.  Were the chicks racist? Or were the people selling them? I wasn’t about to be a part of the new age racist chick clan.  Luckily I found out that not all of the chicks felt that way.  There was a bin with black and white chicks cuddling together and being friends.  I’m so glad I got to the bottom of this possible chick race war at Rural King.   I didn’t buy any of the chicks because 1. I don’t live on a farm. 2. My boyfriend reminded me they grow up ‘into big ugly chickens.’ I was so close to having it all.  Reality-1 Sarah -0  

Mar 192012

I don’t have any children but I think I have a pretty good idea of what makes a good parent.  Letting kids play in traffic or walk around alone is a no brainer. This weekend I was at Lowe’s I saw a perfect example of what not to do.  I watched as this woman wandered around the parking lot talking on a cell phone and not paying any attention to the toddler with her.   It wasn’t the cell phone that bothered me it was that she wasn’t  holding the hand of child.  The little girl two or three years old maybe.  It always scares me when I see people do dumb things in public because you know what they do at home is much worse. 

A few weeks ago I was leaving the State Hospital after feeding the ducks when I see this woman and her child in the street in front of me.  The Evansville State Hospital is located off of Lincoln Avenue which is a fairly busy street.  The woman in front of me was standing in the middle of the turn lanes.  I stopped and was waiting to see if she would rethink her decision.  When I first saw the  pair the little girl was just standing next to the woman playing with her stroller.  The woman finally decided that she should pick the girl up but didn’t get out of the street though.  It took everything in me not to say something as I drove by.  Some of these kids don’t even have a chance because of their parents.    

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Mar 172012

As I was walking into Schnucks I noticed this sign out front.  A parking spot saved for the police only.  I thought fire lanes and where ever they felt like was police parking.   I went into and did my did my shopping when I noticed that the bags at this location no longer said ‘The Friendliest Stores In Town’ on them.   I guess this Schnucks has gone so downhill that they have a special parking spot for the police and aren’t friendly anymore.

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