Nov 212015

advocareBack in July I tried the 10 day Advocare Cleanse to drop weight leading up to my wedding.  The cleanse had a fiber drink you take in the morning and supplement pills taken in the morning and evening.  I had been warned that the fiber drink was terrible tasting so I decided to add a fruit punch pre-workout powder to it.  It made it go down ok but the consistency was still gross.  It’s thick and chalky.  Along with the Advocare products you’re supposed to eat healthy, no added sugar, and not eat red meat.  I did ok with cutting calories, and exercising but not eating red meat was hard for me.  I never realized how often eat something until you cut it out.

I was very happy with my results.  I lost 9 pounds and felt really good when I was finished.  It helped me jump start my weight loss.  I actually did the cleanse I second time before my wedding, even though it’s not recommended to do so.  I would recommend Advocare to anyone looking for my help getting started. My entire weight loss journey ended with my losing 16 pounds all together.  I’ve been slacking lately.  I’m trying to get back on track.  I’ve gained some of the weight back but I know with hard work I can meet my goal weight.

May 152014

greenbeanWhen I was deployed to Iraq they had these coffee shops called Green Beans. One day a buddy and I went over to see if we could get a smoothie to try to help us cool down. We found the best smoothie I have ever had, Green Beans wildberry smoothie. It went down so smooth and cool me off for a bit. We went back later that week and had another. After a few weeks so or we went back to get another wildberry smoothie. I was so sad to find out they didn’t have the mix. By this time I had become used to not have many things. I was still hopefully to have this sweet treat. Every so often my buddy and I would stop in and ask if they had it. For the rest of my deployment I didn’t get anymore wildberry smoothies. I’d given up hope.

dbIt wasn’t until a few months ago that I found another wildberry smoothie that has come close to Green Beans. Donut Bank has a very good wildberry smoothie. Looking back I don’t know that Green Beans smoothie was really that good but in that moment it gave me relief. Being in 140 degrees plus weather daily takes its toll on you after a while. The search for another wildberry smoothie was something to take my mind off the daily trials of being in Iraq. My buddy and I would make up conspiracy theories on what happen to the magical wildberry smoothie. For example, the workers were secretly keeping it for themselves, the Air Force was drinking it all up because they didn’t do any real work, or because of the sand storm they had just not taken the load. It was something so small and silly but it helped keep us entertained. Today I enjoyed a wildberry smoothie with a cool breeze on my face and realized how luck I am to be home safe.

Mar 192014

lego 28My boyfriend is an avid Lego collector.  I decided this year for his birthday I’d make him a Lego cake.  I goggled how to make a Lego cake.  I watched a few videos and decided to go with Betty Crocker’s design.  Betty Crocker for what I’m assuming is copyright reasons called it a building block cake. 

The recipe said to use Betty Crocker Super Moist yellow cake because is holds up better than chocolate cake.  I actually wanted to use a chocolate cake because the icing was vanilla so you can color it.  I made a yellow and a chocolate cake in case one didn’t turn out.  I baked both cakes and let them set over night to cool.  The next morning I flipped the cakes.  I was really glad I had a back up because the yellow cake crumbled when I flipped it out of the pan.  The chocolate cake stayed together nicely.  I put the cakes in the freezer to let them harden up before I decorated them. 

chocolate cutyellowicing     While the cakes were getting cool I colored the icing.  I again varied from the recipe and use regular food coloring and not gel food colors.  The store I went to buy the ingredients didn’t have the right colors for I used what I had at home.  I think the colors turned out fine.  I made red, yellow, blue and a tiny bit of green.  I cut the cake into three even sections and then the last section into 2 squares.  I iced the first section with yellow.  Betty Crocker calls this the crumb layer, just a base coat. I did the best I could not to have tons of chocolate crumbs showing.  As you can imagine yellow icing and chocolate cake don’t want look so great.  Then I put it in the freezer to get hard.  I repeated with the other pieces.  I ran into problems with the pieces I’d cut multiple times.  They really started to crumble when I put icing on them.  I put the second layer on the yellow and was pretty pleased with way it looked.  Again, I put them back in the freezer before I applied the marshmallows. 

lego extraplayed with                       To make the top of the cake I used marshmallows cut in half.  I had read that you could microwave the icing when a few seconds and it would make icing the marshmallows easier.  I did it for 10 seconds and that was too much.  It was really liquid so I added a little of the extra white icing I had left.  I used a fork to swirl the marshmallows in the icing under covered.  I then used a knife to slide them onto the cake.  I repeated until all were covered. 

In the end the piece I cut into squares looked pretty bad so I called to the “playing with piece”.  It was my boyfriend’s 28th birthday so I use a small piece of the white cake to make a 2 dot piece and the yellow 8 dot piece.  He’s a leprechaun and has a St. Patrick’s Day birthday so I used the green and yellow pieces. 

Here are some tips for anyone wanting to try the Lego cake out too. 

  1. Buy extra icing.  I used every bit of the 2 containers.  I wished I’d had extra icing to use.
  2. I put the cake in the freezer for about 10-15 in between icing layers.  I think giving it more time probably would have helped. 
  3. Make the extra cake just in case.  If both turn out you can always send the extra home with your party guests. 
  4. Have fun with it, after all you’re doing out of love for someone.   

Jun 182012

Boiling an egg is one of the easiest things to cook, if you even consider it cooking.  There are six easy steps:

1. Place the raw egg in a saucepan.

2. Run cold water into the saucepan until the water is 1 inch above the egg.

3. Place the saucepan on a stove and cook over medium heat until the water begins to boil.

4. Reduce the heat to low.

5. Simmer for 2 to 3 minutes for soft-boiled eggs or 10 to 15 minutes for hard-boiled eggs.

6. Remove the egg with a spoon or ladle and let it cool slowly, or run cold water over it to cool it more quickly.

Disclaimer: Do not use my cooking methods!  I repeat, do not use my cooking methods. 

I’m going to start out this story saying that I was operating only a few hours sleep.  I am a grandma (not literally) and usually go to bed around 10 but was up until the wee hours of the morning. I had just gotten home from my nephew’s baseball game and had a little time before I was going up to my parent’s house to celebrate Father’s Day.  I thought I’d be on top of things and boil some eggs to have for breakfast for the next week.  I put the eggs in the pot, filled it with water and put it on the stove on med high.  I thought I’d speed up the process by cooking it on a higher temperature than I usually do.   I went into the living room to catch up on some shows I’d recorded.  I watched a little tv until it was time for me to head over to my parent’s.  I went into the kitchen got a bottle of water, grabbed my phone, keys, and purse.  I locked up and headed out.  I visited my parents and about an hour later we sat down to eat.  We were having a nice dinner of ribs, potato salad, cucumber salad, and deviled eggs.  I do not like deviled eggs because I don’t like to eat the yolk of a hard-boiled egg, I only eat the whites.  My Mom being the great lady she is she set a side some whites for me to have.  I had filled my plate and was taking a bite of the egg when it hit me.  I left the eggs on the stove!!!  Not wanting to panic my family at my stupidity, I calmly walked over picked up my phone and excused myself to the bedroom.  I called my boyfriend who only lives 5 minutes away from my house and asked him to turn the stove off.  At this point the eggs had been cooking/burning for about an hour and a half.  A few minutes later I received this text. 

I knew  going  home was not going to be fun so I decided to just enjoy my dinner.  I finished my evening with my family and headed home to face the consequences of my dumb dumb actions.  I was expecting a mess but what I hadn’t thought about was the smell.  Regular hard-boiled eggs don’t smell great to begin with when you peel them.  I opened my front door to the smell burnt and exploded eggs hitting me in the face.  I was taken a back by it.  Over the years I’ve burnt popcorn, pizza, and over flowed a pot of potatoes but nothing compares to the smell of these eggs.  The first thing I did was open the door to try to get the smell out.  I then decided that I needed to document my stupidity and take pictures.  After which I took the pot of charred eggs outside to try to get rid of some of the stench.  I had never thought about how much of a mess exploded eggs would make.  There was egg shells and yoke everywhere.  I cleaned up and began the process of cleaning the pot I had violated.  I actually debated throwing in the towel and just pitching the pot but I didn’t because it is my favorite one.  I chipped away at the burnt egg remains for about 15 minutes before I decided to let to soak over night.  I brought air fresheners into the kitchen and sprayed the whole house with room spray to try to make it bearable.  I then did the most important step; I put my smoke alarm up.  I text my boyfriend to tell him I had done so.  I wouldn’t want him to be worried I would burn my house down with at least a warning from now on. 

                                                        The smell in my house of egg-travaganza has started to fade but was still there this morning.  What I’ve learned from the whole ordeal is that I should use a timer, I should buy a timer, the smell of burnt eggs stays in your nose for a while, and I’m too old to stay up late without any caffeine.   Boiling eggs is an easy task when done properly but I now know how badly it can go wrong.  Not to self: over an hour on the stove for eggs is too long.

May 082012

It’s one of my favorite times of year, shaved ice season.  I was so happy to see that Roy Boy Shaved Ice had opened back up.  It is by far the best shaved ice in town.  If you haven’t ever had a Roy Boy you should definitely treat yourself.  It is located on the corner of Morgan Avenue and Green River Road in the parking lot.  They offer a good variety of flavor options.  The three size choices are$1, $2, or $3 cup.  You can add extra syrup for $.50 or whipped topping if that is what floats your boat.   My favorite flavor is the cotton candy pink.  There is nothing better than a yummy shaved ice on the hot summer day.  This weekend I took my nieces and nephew and scored big coolest aunt points.  I mean who doesn’t want to take a ride in the “Jeep Car” to go get a Roy Boy Shaved Ice?  

Apr 092012

I was introduced to by my boyfriend.  The site is just what it sounds like, a guy puts food on this dog’s head.  Tiger is his Stratfordshire Terrier and American Bulldog mix.  She is a such a well-trained dog.  I’m often surprise by some of the stuff that he is able to balance on the dog’s head.   You can browse the site, ask Tiger questions, or request things to be put on Tiger.  I’m been very impressed so far with the blog.  If you’re looking to waste a little time you should check it out, you won’t be disappointed. 

Mar 282012


When I was a kid my brother Ben and I would play a game called ‘Biggest Chip in the World.’   We came up with the game while eating our lunch at home one summer day.  The game is very simple you dig into the bag of chips and pull out a chip and holding it high declare it to be the biggest chip in the world.  After a few exchanges of this we decided to mix the game up and had an extra element, you had to be upside down with your leg over the bench(the table had a bench on each side) and blindly draw a chip.   This game would entertain us for a little while and then it would generally take a turn for the worse. I’m a very competitive person and  like any game I want to win.  I think some of my competitiveness comes from being the youngest child and wanting to prove myself to my siblings.  I think part of it is genetic though.  I remember once being at one of my nephew’s tee ball games and my Grandpa leaning over saying, “Man these kids aren’t very good.”  I laughed to myself and nodded because he was right.  I just didn’t want to say it out loud though.   I guess it’s kind of sick to nitpick little kids in a league that they don’t even keep score.   Regardless my brother would get tired of me winning and would generally revert to cheating.  I’d have my chip in the process of holding it up when he would slap my hand causing me to drop the chip or hit the chip breaking it making it no longer the ‘Biggest Chip in the World.’

For years I waited for the chance to take the ‘Biggest Chip in the World’ crown back.  One day I was at work when a man walked in the door with his “art” as he called it.  It was a giant potato chip.  I work for a snack food distributor and he thought we might be interested in buying it from him.  I explained to him that I wasn’t the person who made those types of decisions but I would give his information to the right person.  The man gave me his information and said that we would leave the chip so the person in charge could see it.  I agreed to let me leave it and knew that victory was almost mine.  I read over the man’s business card and saw that he wanted somewhere around $500 for his “artwork.”  I couldn’t believe but I guess maybe I don’t know art.   I sat in wait for my step-dad to come back to the office so he could see the chip in all it’s glory.  I waited for it to catch his attention and then we both had a good laugh about it.  I took a picture and text it to my family with the caption, “This is what happens when you leave me in the office alone.”  Biggest Chip in the World was finally mine.  


Feb 162012

I work for A & D Distributors, a snack food distributors. We have chips, crackers, pretzels, cookies, nuts, barbeque sauce and bread.  It’s a nice office job working with my family.  The problem with it is that I’m trying to lose weight.  I’ve been calorie counting and working out so I’m not the fat bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding in July.  For quite some time now I’ve been trying not to be photographed in hopes that everyone including myself will forget about this period of time.  I like to think that my weight gain had to do with me quitting smoking but honestly it wasn’t just that.  As it turns out I’m not a kid anymore and I can’t eat whatever I want and not workout. 

SamplesI have realized through working at the snack distributor that I have pretty good will power and self-control.   Not only am I surrounded my chips and cookies that we sell but we get tons of samples.  The free samples is the real test for me.  I’ve worked at a grocery store surrounded by food before which wasn’t a problem.  It’s the having food that you don’t have to pay for that gets you in trouble and it’s everywhere.  Today not only do I have to see all the cookies but I have to smell the Cinnabon cookies.  First thing this morning packs of cookies were opened and now all day I have to tell myself it isn’t worth it.  I’m not really even a big sweets eater to begin with.  I think it’s the knowing that I shouldn’t eat it is what kills me.  Eat a few cookies and then have to eat a tiny dinner to stay without my budget.  So not worth it.  



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Feb 062012

I’ve been trying to lose some weight by changing my diet and exercising.  Since adopting this new lifestyle I’ve become more and more pissed out my the tiny water cups restaurants give you.  I mean seriously, Subway you want me to Eat Fresh and be healthy like Jared.  But apparently I have to only drink two sips of water with my meal.  The straw is double the size of the crappy little cup.  


I feel like a giant drinking from Polly Pockets cup.  Now you might be thinking I’m just bitter because I’m not drinking cokes anymore.  That isn’t it, I’m over that now and just bitter that I have to refill my water cup every two seconds.  The restaurant just assume that you’re going to want a calorie filled coke because we’re fat Americans and that’s how we roll.  But I’m tired of being punished for being healthier.  I think the businesses should spring for the extra few cents to give me a normal sized cup.  Look at it this way, you’re really saving money because in the long run I’ll be healthier.  You won’t  have to foot the bill for my extraction from my house.

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