Oct 172013

testI was at the Dollar Tree picking up some extra strength Tylenol when I happened upon the New Choice At Home Marijuana Test.  I had to do a double take because I thought for sure I wasn’t seeing this.  It’s true you can go to your local dollar store and get a urine test for marijuana. New Choice even has a website.  On the site they boast it’s 99% accurate and the package itself says 98% accurate.  Can you say Sold?  I mean if you can buy it in a store it must work, right? I’m so glad we have these out there for people to use.  Who doesn’t want the pot heads to be able to pass a test to get a job or stay out of jail and then continue to smoke pot? 

This is not my first run in with people trying to pass test screens.  When I was in the Army we would have random drug tests a few times a year.   The information wasn’t supposed to be leaked out but it usually would.   People would start nervously thinking about what to do.  I heard lots of different things that were supposed to make to pass the drug test and not as we lovingly called it, “Pop Hot.” For example, there’s drink or pills you can buy online, niacin pills, taking cold medicine, or eating poppy-seed muffins.  The other favorite was drinking an unGodly amount of water to flush your system.  It was always entertaining on the day of the test to see people sweating hoping they would pass.  You could always tell who had used the internet magic drink because their pee would look radioactive yellow.   I don’t remember many people not passing their tests.  If I had to guess I would say it wasn’t that the crazy tactics had worked it is the “random” part of the testing.

Oct 092013

signstep The StepNpull is a great product I just discovered.  With the slide of your foot the door is easily opened.  The StepNPull is designed to keep you from having to touch dirty restroom doors with your hands.  It’s so simple I’m not sure why this wasn’t created a long time ago. 

stepnpullThe StepNpull is an aluminum piece that is screwed into the bottom of the door.  It is available in silver, gold, and copper finishes.   It has a rubber bumper and grooved part to max the gripping potential.   You put your foot on the piece and pull the door open with your foot.  This easy act keeps you from getting germs on your freshly washed hands.  This little gem is only $29.95.  I encourage everyone to ask their employers to think about getting these installed.  Think of how much more productive your company can be with fewer people out sick this cold and flu season.   For more information check out www.stepnpull.com.

May 172013

tronNeed some extra cash? Have old electronics collecting dust at your house? You’re in luck because Buymytronics.com can help you with both.

A few months ago I upgraded my iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5.  The iPhone 4 had worked well for me for about 2 years or so.  I was at my wit’s end with my home button not working properly.  Hitting the home button 8-10 times for it to work got old fast.  I felt the pain of spending the money for the new phone after though.  I decided I’d look around and see if I could get some money for my old phone.  I searched online for a place that would give me some money back for my phone.   I found buymytronics.com pretty easily. 

The way the site works is very easy.  Step 1. Find you item, and get a quote.  It asks you what condition your phone is in; new, working, or broken. Step 2. Create an account by entering your email.  Step 3. Choose payment method; check or PayPal. Step 4.Choose shipping options; print address label or send me a box. Step 5. Confirm order information.  Step 6. Sit back and wait for your money. 

Buymytronics.com lets you know up front that the amount you are given is strictly a quote. Once they receive your item and the quote may change based on condition your phone is in when it is received.  I chose working for my phone and received a fairly high quote.  I wasn’t sure what was considered in the difference between working and broken.  They deemed my phone as broken because the home button didn’t work properly.  They gave me a new quote.  I was then given the choices of accepting the new quote or having my phone returned to me.  I wasn’t surprised by getting a lower quote I knew the home button was broken.  I decided to accept the quote and get what money out of it I could.

 Now you might be thinking what if this is a scam.  Trust me I thought about that too.  The way I looked at it was I can let the phone sit around my house or sending it off hoping to get money back.  The company didn’t ask for anymore information than my name and address.  I didn’t pay for shipping.  I figured that if they got my phone and didn’t send my money I wouldn’t really be out anything.  In the end I received a check for $61.  It might not seem like much but it was definitely worth it to me.  I feel like I ended up with a pretty good deal.  I used a phone for over 2 years and then got a little money back for it.  That’s good enough for me.

May 032012

If you’re looking for a great place to get glasses America’s Best is the place to go.  I recently went in to have an eye exam and purchased two pairs of glasses.  They have a special deal if you buy two pairs of glasses for $69.95 you get a free eye exam.  That is the deal that got me in the door but I was pleasantly surprised.   I had been putting off going to get glasses because I didn’t want to pay for an eye exam. ( Yes, I’m cheap) I was able to schedule my appointment online and walked in without a wait.  I saw the doctor and picked out some frames while they finished up the paperwork.  The staff was friendly and helpful.  It took less than a week for my glasses to come it.  Today I received a call from America’s Best  following up on how my glasses were working out.  The woman left a very nice message thanking me for my business.  She reminded me that if I needed any adjusts or had any problems with my glasses they would be happy to help me.   It seems like customer service isn’t really a priority to companies these days.   It is nice to see something different for a change.  I appreciate a company that takes the time to call and follow-up with me.  If you’re in the market for glasses or contacts America’s Best will be a good choice.

Apr 252012

Today I went to my local Schnucks Pharmacy to drop off some prescriptions.  I was armed with a few new scripts to be filled.  I went to the doctor hoping they would tell me it was just allegories but turned out to be an ear infection and sinus infection.  I have been filled my prescriptions at the same place for longer than I can remember.  I used to work at the store so I generally don’t have any issues.  I wasn’t getting any narcotics and even any good cough medicine.  An inhaler, nasal spray, and Z-Pack were about it.  The tech asked me for my driver’s license and my date of birth.  I handed my id to her which I thought was kinda weird but I did it.  She then began to look at my scripts with an eagle eye.  She’d look at the script and then glance back at me.  I could see the little hamster running on it’s wheel in the tech’s head.(She’s a meth head I just know it.) She continued to do this for a few minutes before she walked away.  She came back and said that they usually print two prescriptions on one page but mine had continued on to a second page.  I said yes that I few a prescriptions and that I had a couple I wasn’t filling yet.  She said that if I didn’t have the second page then the whole prescription wouldn’t be valid and they wouldn’t be able to fill it.  Now keep in mind I did have the second page that was needed.  She repeated that same thing again and I asked if it was going to be a problem?  She repeated again that if I didn’t have the second page it wouldn’t be any good.  I asked if she needed the doctor’s office to fax over a different copy?  She said no this would work but if I didn’t have the second page it wouldn’t work.  She told me to give it a few hours and it should be ready.  I thanked her and drove away.  On my way back to work I kept playing the exchange over in my mind.  It just didn’t sit right with me. If I were to write a letter to the tech if would read as follows:

Dear Pharmacy Tech,

Please do not talk to me about hypothetical situations when you have all the information you need to fill my prescription.  “If I didn’t….” isn’t something I want to hear.  If you continue to tell me hypothetical situations instead of helping me I may start telling you about hypothetical situations too.  If I didn’t have self-control then I would punch you in the face.  See how fun this game can be? 


Your Biggest Fan

Mar 262012

This weekend while shopping at Schnucks my friend told me that I should get Schnupon.   At first I thought it might be some kind of insult I haven’t heard of but she explained it to me.  Schnupon is program that Schnucks has where they send a text message with a coupon everyday.  She told me that it was easy to sign up for, all I had to do was text the word Schnucks to 223344.   They send you a text with the coupon and when you check out you just show your cashier the text. I signed up and today received my first Schupon.  I couldn’t be more exited to get more Schupons in the future. 

Mar 172012

As I was walking into Schnucks I noticed this sign out front.  A parking spot saved for the police only.  I thought fire lanes and where ever they felt like was police parking.   I went into and did my did my shopping when I noticed that the bags at this location no longer said ‘The Friendliest Stores In Town’ on them.   I guess this Schnucks has gone so downhill that they have a special parking spot for the police and aren’t friendly anymore.

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Mar 052012

I will be the first to admit I don’t like to stand in line.  As you go through school you learn how to patiently and politely stand in line because that is what is socially acceptable.  Some people however have not learned this skill and like to dance around behind you like a maniac.  Today while I was at the bank a man came in behind me started in on me with I like to call ‘the game.’

‘The game’ is when people are trying to draw attention and act like they aren’t.  They want you to know they are mad but seem cool about it.  People usually start off small with a cough; this is just to let you know that they are there.  Then usually move onto moving around a lot behind you exhaling loudly.  Something that I’ve noticed people like to do at the grocery store is move their stuff around on the belt or slam down the belt divider.  What’s really great is when the person behind you in line stands so close to you can smell their dragon breath. Or even better rams you with the cart. My personal favorite is when people put their money on the belt.  As a cashier this was one of the most annoying things you could do was not hand me the money.  Laying it on the counter and making me pick it up really pissed me off but there wasn’t really anything I could do.  On the other hand putting your money on the belt could be solved pretty easily; I suck your money up in the belt.  Most registers with belts are controlled by cashier moving something in front of the sensor or a switch.  At my store it was a sensor. I would pick up the divider allowing the belt to come forward and act as though I was going to begin checking out their order.  I’d pretend I didn’t see the money sitting there and watch as the customer rushed to grab it.  I usually would stop it before all the money went down.  This works well for coupons too. 

As I’ve said before I know I’m not the nicest person and this next part isn’t going to earn me any brownie points. There were a few older women that were regular customers of mine.  They were not the nice, sweet, grandmotherly type that you wanted to hug though.  They were mean, bitter old biddies.  When I saw them walk in the door it a dark cloud followed.  I would pray they would not come to my line but they always did.  One day as I waited on a woman the light bulb above my head lit up.   As I began to check out her order I noticed she liked to put her purse on the belt.   She would stand there digging for more coupons and change.  Now usually when a customer starts to put their purse on the belt I’ll stop it so they can get in it easier.  This old bat wasn’t getting my help though.  She sat her purse down and started to dig. I let the belt go as she moved down the belt with it.  When she got to the end she picked up her purse and went back to the beginning following the belt to the end once again.  I left her do this about 6 times before I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep my laughter in anymore and stopped the belt.  She handed me her wad of money and coupons and I gleefully straighten them and put them away.  That day I had won ‘the game’.

Feb 172012

I worked at Schnucks for around 8 years.  I started as a courtesy clerk and by the time I left I was a checker trainer, worked at the service desk, and was doing Night Manager shifts.  Over the years I’ve sharpened my customer service skills because Schnucks is of course, ‘The Friendliest Store In Town.’ Schnucks customers are a breed all of their own.  In Evansville we do not have Kroger stores but I would say they are pretty comparable.  It’s better than Walmart and most customers expect to be treated like royalty.  If you don’t greet your customer or smile, you most likely will get a complaint. Don’t “bag it light”, complaint.  If you aren’t “careful with the bread”, you might as well just go walk in front of a bus. (Lucky for me there is a bus stop in the parking lot at my store) Smashed CartI’m going to let you all in a secret.  Your cashier and bagger know that you don’t want your bread smashed, your eggs broken or your shampoo with your raw meat.  As it turns out working at a grocery store isn’t rocket science. What was great at Schnucks was the employees had to complete a bagging simulator before working on the sales floor.  It actually was a pretty entertaining program.  Another tip,don’t talk down to me. If you do there is a good chance I’m going to do something to your stuff when you aren’t looking.   If you tell me not to smash your bread, go ahead and plan on my thumb print in it.  And I’ll smile and tell you to have a nice day.  

 This brings me to the art of talking to your cashier.  I’m not your therapist, best friend, mother, dentist, or pastor.  I don’t want to hear about it.  When asked how you’re doing just say you’re doing well and when I respond with a generic answer leave it be.  If I say I’m fine don’t tell me I look tired or ask me if I’m sick.  If you do I know that you think I look like crap.  One of the worst things to say is, “It can’t be that bad.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that.  You don’t know that it isn’t that bad.  For all you know my boyfriend just broke up with me, kicked me out, and shot my dog.  Or even worse my son might have told me that he’s planning on voting Democrat in the next election.  So the next time you’re unpacking your groceries and find something damaged ask yourself, what did I do to piss my cashier off?