May 312016

s-l300“Drink Water! Hurry up, Drink! Put your canteen over your head when you’re done. Hurry up private I don’t have all day.” I can remember having those words being screamed at me in the summer of 2003 at basic training like it was yesterday.  I was 18 and had never been away from my family for more than a week.  I did my training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri aka Fort Lost in the Woods.   Being from Southern Indiana the weather in Missouri wasn’t much different than at home.   The idea that you have to stay hydrated was drilled into me.   At the time I didn’t thinking how the Drill Sergeants were just trying to have another reason to yell at us.  They told us we don’t want to fall out and become a “heat casualty”. They would yell to drink water and we would reply Beat the Heat Drill Sergeant Beat the Heat!”  I’d never really been a fan on water and drank multiple Dr. Peppers a day.  Around five years ago I decided to cut out “cokes” as us Southern Indiana folks refer to them as.  I decided to cut out caffeine and my beloved Dr. Pepper.  It was rough at first but I’m glad I did it.  I will have the occasional coke but I generally don’t drink them.  I now drink 100 ounces or more of water a day.

I know what you’re thinking, that’s a lot of water.  It seems like a lot when I write it down but really isn’t.  I drink Ice Mountain bottled water, each bottle is 16.9oz.  If I drink a bottle with each meal, that’s 50 oz already.  Since I’ve starting doing hot yoga it’s become very important to drink plenty of water.  When I first started hot yoga I never thought I’d have enough to not feel like I’m dying of thirst.  I bought a Liquid Savvy’s 32 oz Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle that keeps my water cold through my entire class at hot yoga.  It’s pretty awesome.  I’m recently getting to the point where I can get through a class and not feel as if I were going to burst into flames and die of thirst at the same time.  If I’m doing a long class that’s 90 minutes long I’ve drank my 64 in a class when the room is full of people and hotter than usual.  I’ve been going to hot yoga just about everyday so with the class alone I drink 64 plus ounces.  I try  and hydrate throughout the day so I don’t feel bad after class.

I learned many things that summer in 2003.  How to take a 5 minute or less shower, to function without sleep, how to eat in 5 minutes or less, if you have a chance to go to the bathroom take it, how to shine boots and iron uniforms, and that people will steal anything, even your white granny panties you have to wear.  My Drill Sergeant of course was right and I need to Drink Water.  During yoga the instructors usually say to take a sip of water, which in my mind that means Drink Water!!!

Apr 292016


With summer just around the corner and I’m trying to get my “beach body” ready. This year I set a goal of running 5 races and a half marathon.  I’m doing good so far with 3 under my belt already and a race set for May. I’m really working on losing weight and get into shape.  I’m never going to be a tiny skinny girl, my body just isn’t that way.  I have big legs and that isn’t going to change.   I can work at trimming down and toning.  My friend Erin told me I should try hot yoga because she loves it.  I enjoy running and usually at least do a mile or so.  I was skeptical about it and worried how I’d do in class.  I still agreed I’d try it out.   I’ve heard horror stories about hot yoga.  I could picture myself drenched in sweat and laying there like a beached whale.   I did a year in Iraq so I figured hot yoga would be fine.

My first class was 65 minutes long class and wasn’t too hard to keep up.  I watched other people and Erin to see what I was supposed to be doing.  They told me that the goal for your first class is to stay in the room the entire class.  I was able to do that.  A few days after my first class my sister Mary asked if I wanted to go to class with her.   I’d already worked out with weights and cardio for 2 hours. I thought no worries I’ll be fine.  I was not fine.  I repeat, I was not fine! Rule #1 of Hot Yoga is to know how long your class is. Mary and I went to 6:15 class and it was packed. We almost didn’t have enough room for everyone. Little did we know the class was actually an hour and a half long.  I kept looking at my watch thinking is this class ever going to end? It finally did and I peeled myself off the floor and filled my water bottle back up.  Rule #2 if you’re going to run and do hot yoga in the same day, run after yoga.  I’ve made myself kinda miserable because I pushed too hard.

I go to classes at Yoga 101.  They told me about a challenge that would be starting in April.  The challenge is to do 40 classes in 60 days.  After the 90 minutes class trauma I took a few days off from class.  I’m not doing too bad right now.  I have learned some things since beginning hot yoga; 1. Drink water all the time.  I usually drink a good amount of water but I’d increased my water intake a lot because of yoga.  2. Bring a big bottle of water with you.  The average 16.9 bottle of water that you usually grab it’s enough for the entire class.  I’ve been filling my camel-back bottle that’s 32oz and drink all of it or close every class. 3. Bring a towel for your mat and one to wipe yourself off with.  If I don’t dry myself off multiple time during class I can’t do some of the poses because my legs become slippery noodles. 4. Let your guard down.  The instructors all say to only do what your body can do right now.  I’m very competitive and I’m trying to not get down on myself because I can’t do something.  5. Child’s pose is your friend.  6.  You will get better faster than you think.  Today I completed my 6th class in a row.  I can tell a difference already in my flexibility and balance.

I wasn’t sure if hot yoga was going to become part of my workout routine in the beginning.  I’m hooked now though.  I’m still working out some kinks like how much water I really need to drink or with eating before or after classes. I’m still trying to balance running and yoga.  It’s going to be interesting to see how things go this summer.

Nov 212015

advocareBack in July I tried the 10 day Advocare Cleanse to drop weight leading up to my wedding.  The cleanse had a fiber drink you take in the morning and supplement pills taken in the morning and evening.  I had been warned that the fiber drink was terrible tasting so I decided to add a fruit punch pre-workout powder to it.  It made it go down ok but the consistency was still gross.  It’s thick and chalky.  Along with the Advocare products you’re supposed to eat healthy, no added sugar, and not eat red meat.  I did ok with cutting calories, and exercising but not eating red meat was hard for me.  I never realized how often eat something until you cut it out.

I was very happy with my results.  I lost 9 pounds and felt really good when I was finished.  It helped me jump start my weight loss.  I actually did the cleanse I second time before my wedding, even though it’s not recommended to do so.  I would recommend Advocare to anyone looking for my help getting started. My entire weight loss journey ended with my losing 16 pounds all together.  I’ve been slacking lately.  I’m trying to get back on track.  I’ve gained some of the weight back but I know with hard work I can meet my goal weight.

Feb 142012

Like most Monday evenings at the gym it’s packed.  I don’t follow a real strict routine but I try to get a full body workout.  I’m working my way around the machines when I notice this old guy sitting on the machine I wanted to use.  I didn’t think much about it because it was pretty busy and I’m used to waiting to use equipment.  I look to see if he was finished and I realize he hasn’t moved, literally.  He was pretty much frozen in place.  

My first thought is, oh great this guy’s stroked at the gym.  Not only am I not going to get to use  the machine but I’m going to have to go help this guy.  I move a little closer trying to evaluate the situation.   As I get closer I see that he’s breathing.  No apparent facial droop.  I’m about to walk over and ask the man if he’s ok, when a man comes over and taps him snapping him out it.   He slowly gets up and then follows a younger man around watching him workout.   

I’m really wondering what that guys deal was.  I guess maybe is just had a case of the Mondays.  Either way it was another interesting experience at the gym.  I’m beginning to think social experiments should be conducted at the gym.   It’s a pretty entertaining place.

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Feb 052012

For the record I know I’m a terrible person.  I don’t agree with the saying, if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all.  I usually don’t have anything nice to say.   I will usually say the things that people are thinking but are too scared or ashamed to say. This being said, if you continue to read you might regret it.   But I would be willing to bet most people have thought the same things before.

I was at the gym the other day and I was doing what I usually do.  Work out you might think.  Looking at all the people who are worse off than me and being grateful I’m ‘not that fat”.  I know it terrible but I look around the gym and think, “how could you let yourself get that way.”  I should be thinking how it’s good that their working out to try to better themselves and lose some weight but I’m not.  I was watching these ladies do some crunches and all that kept popping into my mind was Damon Wayans character from Major Payne  saying, ” One tubby tubby, two tubby tubby.”    Then when I’m on the elliptical I see some other ladies tried to do something I saw on The Biggest Loser earlier in the week.  On the show Bob was having his team do what he calls showing carts.  In a “shopping cart” you use a treadmill that is turned off and have to manually move it.  From the way to looked on tv it seemed hard but I would probably never actually try it.  So I look over in front of me and see these ladies trying to do it.  I think I may have actually laughed out loud.  It was one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen.   I’m surprised the one lady didn’t poop her pants.  Her face was so red and the amount of effort she was using was crazy.   I wanted to walk over and say, ” I know this gay guy kinda reminds you of Bob Harper but he’s not.  And you’re on a tv show.  Please stop before you hurt yourself.”  I didn’t though instead I just chuckled to myself about how ridiculous they were. 

I guess I should also add that I also judge and make fun of the super fit or in shape people too.   So the gym was packed and you couldn’t get from one thing to another. People standing around waiting on machines everywhere.  I see “super woman” as I like to call her pacing around pissed off.  She walked over to the guy on the machine next to me and starting complaining about how she couldn’t get on anything she wanted to use.  She just couldn’t believe that other people wanted to work out too.  How dare us, mire mortals be using “her” equipment?  As she was walking away pissed off she took a moment to looked at me in disgust.  It didn’t bother me because I already knew  I looked like a sweaty cracked out hooker.